Trees essay in tamil

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The environment in which a country live is bound to affect the nation in same way as the environment affects the health of the commons. A sustainable relation with environment ,thus clean environment means a better survival, and so is the fact true , the sustainable peace and security will depend on foreign relations.
The affront to the peace has become global phenomenon. It has emerged as a greatest challenge for nations to provide safety to the commons. The engulfing of many nations by terrorist organizations has made it necessary to take collective actions against the terror. The health relations with the nations may become effective tool to counter terrorism by dissemination of necessary information, avoiding being used as ground to affront other nations, exchange of strategies dealing terror etc.
India’s relations with the nations have variance in character from country to country keeping the aspect of peace into account. It is a heath relation with USA in confronting terrorism ,deterrence and optimism in case of Pakistan and china ,a twin sister relation in case of Nepal to apart illicit trade along avoiding being used as ground to affront us , a balanced relation with Israel and palistein to keeping our core values intact while having sound relations in confronting terrorism and many more.
The relation with USA has been energetic in countering terrorism. India has signed number of bilateral treaties, the latest being terrorist information sharing. The relation with USA does represent the collective concern against terrorism.
The aspect deterrence in case Pakistan can be understood from the fact that we had maximum number of major wars with Pakistan. The illicit incursions, the latest being in Kargil war , has been guiding light in devising our relation with Pakistan. At same time, keeping the aphorism into account that a safe neighbor mean a happy home, we have kept element of optimism in reforming our neighbor. This mixed relation along giving us necessary security will give us necessary benefits of bilateral relation.
The deterrence aspect of foreign relations with also counter any dominant posture shown by any nation and hence aspersions on peace and security of this nation. The china being showy example. The repeated incursions of china in Ladakh has proven the vulnerability of borders. Along having healthy relations , we do increase our might to confront to any such incident.
The relation with Nepal has been cordial and helping. The loopholes in the border of neighbors means a possibility of being a source to attack our nation. This safe borders also means safety from illicit trade which becomes source of funding for terror outfits.
Along it the fact is , India does procure huge amount of arms from other nations, the Israel being the largest. The mammoth arms does make the India one of largest military power in world to deter other nations.
India has varied relations to suit the necessity of peace and security which varies from deterrence in case of Pakistan to procurement of arms in case of Israel. The indigenization has not galloped to the extent of requirement.

Trees essay in tamil

trees essay in tamil


trees essay in tamiltrees essay in tamiltrees essay in tamiltrees essay in tamil