Thesis on ofdm channel estimation

Raleigh subsequently founded Clarity Wireless in 1996 and Airgo Networks in 2001 to commercialize the technology. Clarity developed specifications in the Broadband Wireless Internet Forum (BWIF) that led to the IEEE (commercialized as WiMAX ) and LTE standards, both of which support MIMO. Airgo designed and shipped the first MIMO-OFDM chipsets for what became the IEEE standard. MIMO-OFDM is also used in the standard and is expected to play a major role in and fifth generation ( 5G ) mobile phone systems.

In this Tutorial, we aim at giving an overall view of the main technologies available for future vehicular networks and the trends that can be imagined in the next future, by first focusing on IEEE /ITS-G5, with the already well defined standards and largely experimented performances, and then extending the discussion to the currently debated LTE-V2X. Many related topics, including the main applications and other complementary technologies like visible light and millimeters wave will be also touched for an overall look at the addressed and open issues in this field. In addition to information collected from standards and studies published by the main research groups worldwide, it is intention of the instructors to also share their main achievements and their own view.

Thesis on ofdm channel estimation

thesis on ofdm channel estimation


thesis on ofdm channel estimationthesis on ofdm channel estimationthesis on ofdm channel estimationthesis on ofdm channel estimation