Should abortion be legalized essay

Many make the claim that abortion is murder because it's killing living cells. If that's the case, then men commit genocide every time they masturbate, as they're killing several thousands of living sperm cells; women are committing murder every time they have their periods, as they're flushing a living egg. People commit murder when they exfoliate their face as they're killing millions of living skin cells. If you're going to make the argument that it's murder because you're killing living cells, then you're a murder by your own right.

However you look at it a woman who has an abortion and a doctor who provides one are responsible for the termination of a life.  This is true whether you believe that life starts at conception or starts at birth (because aborting a healthy fetus denies it the opportunity of life and birth).  Perhaps because women who have an abortion have to live with this knowledge (which may come back to haunt them strongly on the anniversaries of the abortion and the expected birth date) they can be at increased risk of suffering from depression.  This effect can last at least five years after the abortion takes place.  Women who have had an abortion are also at greater risk of suicide in the years following the event (154% more likely than women who give birth to their babies).  It is not just women who experience psychological problems following an abortion; the termination can have a negative effect on their partner as well.

Should abortion be legalized essay

should abortion be legalized essay


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