Samples of persuasive essays - 4th grade

Canon law is Christian church law based on directives from the ecumenical councils, the Pope, the bishops and other ecclesiastical officials, and theologians.

  • . Should the leader of the Catholic Church choose his own baptismal name
          as papal name or a special pontifical name? Meaning Joseph Alois
          Ratzinger or Benedict Sextus Decimus?
Hindu law is a comprised collection of regulations and customs based on Smritis that has been shaped and commented in Sanskri by very wise men in India. It gives us controversial judicial topics:
  • . Examine and study the Concept of Coparcenary in the past and the
          current equal succession inheritance sharing property rights for women.
Halakha – established on a series of absolute a priori principles. You could discuss these in a plenary debate in class:
  • . Dating is not entertainment but a serious matter.
  • . Only adult men and women of an age appropriate for marriage may date
          with the direct aim to find a spouse.
Sharia is a combination of holy rules, sacred directives and instructive codes of conduct for Muslims.
  • . Take three rules and compare them with the judiciary rules in your country
          concerning the same issue.
Bijuridical or mixed judicial persuasive speech topics regarding almost all types:
  • . There are no special requirements to become a federal judge. The
          Department of Justive should be more transparant and open about
          how nominees assume their position and the criteria.
Is a form of international law that is codified in a treaties between nations. All that deals with territories on land, at sea, even in space and diplomatic relations.
  • . A diplomat suspected of a crime should lose his immunity from prosecution.
  • . Realistic war video games should be bound by the Geneva Treaties and
          the Hague Convention principles to war-actions.

    Samples of persuasive essays - 4th grade

    samples of persuasive essays - 4th grade


    samples of persuasive essays - 4th gradesamples of persuasive essays - 4th gradesamples of persuasive essays - 4th gradesamples of persuasive essays - 4th grade