Roman catholicsm thesis

Babies are baptized in most churches to make the parents feel better about life prospects, also, the churches require that you have God Parents. These God Parents should be chosen because of their faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ, they will help bring the child up in the faith. Sadly this is not the case, most God Parents are chosen for their lineage or closeness to the family, not for their faith. I find this to be a travesty. The church is partially responsible for this in that they rarely vet the God Parents (I know the Catholic church attempts to but pressure from the parents usually wins out). It is also a problem with the parents and peer pressure to select close family members instead of for the welfare of the child.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that after death, everyone who has sinned will go to "purgatory", where they will face punishment for their sins. After this they are then allowed into the heavenly kingdom, once they have "PAID" for their sins. But with an indulgence, you can pay the church some money and you will receive an indulgence which will either reduce your time in "purgatory" or erase it all together. By the way, the Vatican was built on indulgences, and Martin Luther exposed the error of indulgences back in the 1500's with his 95 Thesis .

Roman catholicsm thesis

roman catholicsm thesis


roman catholicsm thesisroman catholicsm thesisroman catholicsm thesisroman catholicsm thesis