Plagerism essay

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Most countries and academic institutions have very strict plagiarism standards that they utilize to bring plagiarizers to justice. Copyright laws are very strict for the implicit reason of discouraging it in every possible way. Consequently, there have been many different methods developed to detect and prevent plagiarism. For instance, most scholarly articles are now only available on the internet for a price. This limits plagiarism in some ways but doesn’t completely solve the problem. For instance, many academic institutions provide their students with free access to scholarly databases like JSTOR. However, the internet should exist as a portal to vast information and knowledge. Requiring payment for an article is undemocratic and does not give people the opportunity to learn valuable information for free. Yet, it remains a paid service to access these sources to curtail unbridled plagiarism.

Plagerism essay

plagerism essay


plagerism essayplagerism essayplagerism essayplagerism essay