Phd thesis on operation research

. The evaluation of the candidate's performance in the viva- voce examination. The Board shall then forward the minutes of the viva-voce examination with the signatures of the external examiner and the supervisor mentioning the performance of the candidate in the viva-voce with regard to the answers provided for the questions posed and the answers provided by the candidate and classifying the thesis as "Highly commended / commended" to the Controller of Examinations, along with the list of participants with their addresses and signatures. For placing the thesis under the "Highly Commended" category, it should have been so recommended by all the examiners.

Ali Bora Yigitbasioglu : Ali holds a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and MSc in Financial Mathematics from Imperial College. His PhD thesis was on the inclusion of volatility uncertainty and call notice periods in the pricing of convertible bonds with PDEs. Since his doctorate he has worked in London: at Lehman Brothers (FX exotics and structured trading in emerging markets), as Senior hybrid exotics trader and macro prop trader, Dresdner Kleinwort (2008-2010) and is currently Senior portfolio manager, emerging markets rates and FX macro prop trading, at The Cambridge Strategy.

Phd thesis on operation research

phd thesis on operation research


phd thesis on operation researchphd thesis on operation researchphd thesis on operation researchphd thesis on operation research