Obama speech wednesday

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is not somebody with whom I frequently agree. I do not like a lot of his judicial approaches, but at least the guy is consistent. Justice Scalia says that, generally speaking, the legislature has the power to make laws and the judiciary should only interpret the laws that are made or are explicitly in the Constitution. That is not Justice Brown's philosophy. It is simply intellectually dishonest and logically incoherent to suggest that somehow the Constitution recognizes an unlimited right to do what you want with your private property and yet does not recognize a right to privacy that would forbid the Government from intruding in your bedroom. Yet that seems to be the manner in which Justice Brown would interpret our most cherished document.

If the speech was so important, why did it take days of playing his pastor’s hateful rants on TV to get him to give it? It’s political desperation as he sees his image begin to crumble as he finds himself running against two strong candidates who never give up and are unwavering in their love for country and disdain for racism. His candidacy is based on transcending these race issues and on being different and transparent. Yet he has attempted to hide this from us and has (badly) attempted to brush it away as and then to talk his way out of it. He’s failed us and himself at every turn.

Obama speech wednesday

obama speech wednesday


obama speech wednesdayobama speech wednesdayobama speech wednesdayobama speech wednesday