Modified essay question format

First, to those who choose to use SG/G songs. Each pastor is responsible for his own congregation, and each local church is autonomous. If after careful deliberation you choose to use these songs because you think they are best for your congregation, then you have that right. But please honor and respect the decisions of those who have chosen not to use the songs for whatever reason. It concerns me that those who use these songs seem to have an almost arrogant and condescending attitude toward those who don’t, as if those who don’t are somehow silly and foolish for their reasons. I have even been told by one individual, “You have a responsibility to be using these songs.” Please show grace to those who have chosen not to use them, and when gathered with believers from a variety of churches, why not choose from the vast body of hymnody that is gospel-centered and theologically rich while not as controversial out of respect for the decision these other brothers have made?

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I enjoy all the clever comments, but the problem of selecting appropriate students is real. My experience, after having taught in a post doctoral program for over 25 years, is that the challenge is not selecting candidates that are talented, brilliant, inquisitive, it is selecting candidates that are suited to the path they have chosen.. If they get far enough to be individually examined or interviewed all the above has been more then adequately proven. I have seen too many people struggle to be happy and productive in life, however, because they were not suited for they aspired. Programs shouldn’t concentrate on one more clever way of letting candidates show their brilliance, they should concentrate on getting brilliant candidates in the programs for which they are suited.

Modified essay question format

modified essay question format


modified essay question formatmodified essay question formatmodified essay question formatmodified essay question format