Florence nightingale essay outline

Here are some more facts about Florence’s early life. Her father was William but his original name was inherited his wealth from his wife’s family and her name was Nightingale. The Nightingale family were wealthy due to their involvement with lead mining and smelting in the local area and it was the custom of the time to change ones name to the female line where the family wealth was inherited in that way. Hence William Shore became William Nightingale and he and his wife travelled extensively in Europe (used to be known as “the grand tour”) and their favourite place was Italy. Florence was born in Florence and her sister Parthenope was born in Naples (the original Greek settlement was called Parthenopolis). For all of her childhood, Florence lived with her parents in Lea Hurst, a large country house on the slopes of the Dewent Valley about 8 miles north of Belper. Her sister Parthenope married a Colonel Verney and then lived near Buckingham. Parthenope’s house is now the Florence Nightingale Museum and Lea Hurst near Belper in its 1200acres became a residential home for retired nurses for many years but is now back in private hands.

Based on her observations during the Crimea War, Nightingale wrote Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency and Hospital Administration of the British Army , a massive report published in 1858 analyzing her experience and proposing reforms for other military hospitals. Her research would spark a total restructuring of the War Office's administrative department, including the establishment of a Royal Commission for the Health of the Army in 1857. Nightingale was also noted for her statistician skills, creating coxcomb pie charts on patient mortality in Scutari that would influence the direction of medical epidemiology.

Florence nightingale essay outline

florence nightingale essay outline


florence nightingale essay outlineflorence nightingale essay outlineflorence nightingale essay outlineflorence nightingale essay outline