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This brought tears to my eyes. The women in my family all have thick legs, no matter what we do. It’s balanced out by small waists, but it makes pants shopping a nightmare. I’ve always been so self conscious about my knees and calves especially. Once, I wrote a short paragraph for a magazine contest on how I’d grown to love my strong, curvy legs. I won, but they changed my words to “long and slender” and cropped my legs out of the picture. It still makes me furious to this day. It was supposed to be an empowering article about women’s self-confidence, but just reverted to cookie cutter beauty standards. Anyway, thank you for writing this. Knowing that we’re not alone in the self acceptance process is both empowering and comforting.

Body of essay

body of essay


body of essaybody of essaybody of essaybody of essay