Blanche and stanley conflict essay

In an episode called " Yes, We Have no Havanas ", Sophia and Blanche became rivals for the affections of an elderly Cuban gentleman named Fidel Santiago (Henry Darrow), and the two women traded particularly nasty insults with each other: Sophia called Blanche a "50-year-old mattress," and Blanche referred to Sophia as a "raisin in sneakers." and a "wrinkled old crow". The rivalry came to an abrupt end when Fidel died suddenly. As it turned out, Fidel was even more promiscuous than Blanche - the congregation at his funeral consisted entirely of women he had been romancing, except for Dorothy and Rose.

“A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, introduces two characters that piece together integral roles within play. The characters Stella and Stanley come from two separate worlds. These two worlds are the forefront for which Tennessee Williams is trying to portray within the play. Throughout this essay, I will be conducting a reader response, which will analyze the diverse socioeconomic situations in which Stella and Blanche experienced. Furthermore, I will discuss how these characters worlds collide once they meet and I will support this by using prime examples from the select scenes, which will validify my topic of discussion.
Stanley is introduced in the play as a strong powerful polish man who is the head of the house. Stanley is portrayed as being superior to his wife Stella who is in love with Stanley. The reader can assume that Stanley’s strong presence will be a significant theme throughout the play. An example of the power Stanley withholds is exhibited throughout Scene 2 when Stanley states, “I don’t care if she hears me. Let’s see the papers!” (1789). This is the scene where Stella has informed Stanley that her sister Blache has lost the Belle Reve estate. Stanley’s reaction emphasizes the world that Stanley resides in one which is filled with anger, hate, and despise. Stanley’s tough volatile upbringing is one of the main reasons that he acts out towards Stella once she informs him of the bad news of losing the inheritance of Belle Reve. The reaction to the loss of Belle Reve provides insight into the beginning of Stanley’s world, which is filled with dominance and anger.
Blanche is introduced in the play as Stella’s sister. She is portrayed as a woman who always gets what she wants and as a female who never gets turned down. She comes to New Orleans to visit Stella. However, we later find out the real motives why she has migrated to New Orleans, she lost her job and was run out of Laurel, M...

Blanche and stanley conflict essay

blanche and stanley conflict essay


blanche and stanley conflict essayblanche and stanley conflict essayblanche and stanley conflict essayblanche and stanley conflict essay